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Everyone has an idea of how they want their life to go in their head. But sometimes, different things happen that are unexpected and can have a significant impact on our lives. People struggle with many different problems, and unexpected trauma can have a significant impact on one’s life. Trauma can happen in many different ways, including verbal, physical or emotional trauma. Many people only equate trauma with soldiers who have been away at war, but there are many things that can happen in everyday life to cause trauma. Certain experiences such as childhood abuse, childhood neglect, bullying, sexual violence, and car accidents are all circumstances that can cause trauma.

There are many ways one can suffer from a traumatic experience, and often times people feel as if no one will understand what they may be going through so they turn to harmful drugs or alcohol to try and forget what took place. Abusing drugs or harming oneself only numbs the pain briefly, and is not a long term solution to recovering from a traumatic event. Admitting you need help can be difficult because many people would rather just try and bury it and act as though it never happened. Admitting you’re struggling with something that occurred in your life is an important step in the path to recovery.  

Sometimes when people under a traumatic event, they don’t think anyone will understand what they’re going through so they don’t want to open up and talk about it. Holding these feelings inside can lead to many negative thoughts and feelings, and many people harm themselves as a way to try and cope when they’ve experienced a traumatic event.

When going through a traumatic experience, choosing a healthy path to recovery is essential. Many people choose to cope with their traumatic experience is negative ways, such as turning to drugs or hurting themselves to numb the pain. These unhealthy behaviors only lead to more problems down the road, and trying to cope on your own can be difficult. If you know someone who has been effected by trauma, help is nearby. Call Trauma Recovery Athens at (706) 608-8641 to speak with someone who can help lead you in the right direction and get the help you need to overcome whatever trauma you may be facing. Calling Trauma Recovery Athens is the first step to bettering yourself and finding the help you need. 

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